Friday, September 15, 2006

Medway Court

Medway Court is a housing development off Station Road on the right hand side between the railway crossing and the bridge in Aylesford Village.

During our recent survey in the area, a number of residents commented that access to and from their road was difficult due to cars queuing at the railway crossing and blocking the junction (see picture above) thus preventing cars leaving Medway Court from turning right.

Obviously this would not be a problem if people showed a bit more consideration and did not park across the road junction, but we all know that common sense is sadly lacking these days !

Local Conservatives immediately contacted County Councillor, Keith Ferrin, who is the Cabinet Member responsible for Highways at KCC. We also spoke to T&MBC leader, Mark Worrall, to seek his support.

We are pleased to report that a site meeting has now been arranged and we are hopeful that our proposals for "yellow hatchings" across Station Road, along with a "Keep Clear" sign, will be agreed.

We have already written to residents of Medway Court with a progress report and will do so again once we know the outcome of the site meeting and discussions.

If you have any comments about these proposals, please phone John Balcombe on 01622 718175.


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