Friday, September 15, 2006

PREMIER PARADE PLANNING VICTORY - all credit to the residents, not the politicians !

We congratulate residents from Greenacres Estate on there unprecedented success at convincing a Planning Inspector to refuse permission for another fast food take-away at Premier Parade.

The decision has made Planning Case Law and can now be used by other community groups fighting similar cases throughout the country.

The households in this area already suffer with cooking smells, litter, traffic noise and anti-social behaviour. They were rightly concerned that another take-away would add to the problems that already blight their neighbourhood.

The campaign and petition against the proposal came from within the local community and all credit for the success must go to the local team of residents, organised by Dave Smith of Rowan Close (pictured above) who co-ordinated the campaign.

We are disappointed to hear that local LibDem and Labour politicians are trying to claim credit for the outcome. Jonathan Shaw MP has even featured it on his website!

One of the reasons politicians are viewed suspiciously is the way they try and claim credit for other people's hard work. The Premier Parade campaign is a case in point. The local community campaigned to safeguard their environment - and they won. It is they who deserve the credit and we congratulate them of their success."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe when a Conservative victory like this is achieved, a poster could be erected on the site, even for a short while to counter any other claims!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007  

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