Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Cost of Fly Tipping

A lorry load of house building waste dumped on the North Downs Way last Sunday - ruining one of the most beautiful walks in the county.

We reported this to T&MBC on Sunday last week.

The Good News:
This is the same site on Tuesday morning!
Well done to the T&MBC Officers and contractors who sorted this mess out. Hopefully the healing hand of nature will finish the job off and the North Downs Way will look stunning again in the not too distant future.

What it cost us:
This clean-up operation cost Council tax payers £200 - money that could be better used reducing your council tax bill or improving local services. Each year, in the T&MBC area alone, we pay £50,000 for clearing up others people's dumped rubbish.

How to Help:
Please help keep our Borough clean and tidy by reporting any dumped rubbish to the T&MBC helpline on 01732 844522. Alternatively, you can report via the internet by using the T&MBC on-line report form - click HERE. Thank you.


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