Sunday, April 29, 2007

Barratt's Development - IMPORTANT NEWS

There has been a sudden and somewhat unexpected development from Barratt Kent in connection with their building plans on Station Road.
We are in possession of an email, sent to a senior member of Tonbridge & Malling Council, from Steve Lancashire at Four-Communications (Barratt's Public Relations people).
The email confirms that Barratt Kent will be submitting a formal planning application within the next two or three weeks, but goes on to say...
"I think it responds to needs and concerns (traffic, density, design) that some local residents have expressed during the consultation activity we have undertaken."
The full text of the email as follows:
Subject: Somerfield depot
From: "Steve Lancashire"
To: xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx (deleted to protect identity of our informant)
Dear xxxxxxxxxxx
You will recall we met a few months ago and had a general discussion about Barratt Kent's plans to develop the above site on the edge of Aylesford. I appreciate this is a very busy time for you and there may be some changes in positions next month but I thought I would just give you a brief progress report.
Since we met there has been a steady flow of meetings with planning and other relevant officers and the scheme has been developed and amended in response to points both they (Council Officers) and local resident have made.
I anticipate a detailed planning application will be submitted in the next 2-3 weeks. I think it responds to needs and the concerns (ie, traffic, density, design) that local residents have expressed during the consultation activity we have undertaken.
Yours sincerely
Steve Lancashire
Four Communications Group plc
Clearly Barratt are hoping the local elections would act as a smokescreen and they would be able to submit their application without us noticing. Fortunatley we were on the ball.
Whilst we are pleased to read that they have changed the scheme to take local concerns into consideration, it is impossible to make a proper judgement until the full plans have been examined. As they say "the devil is in the detail."
John Balcombe and Dave Smith have asked for a full copy of the proposals and will share this information with local residents at the earliest opportunity.
However, please rest assured, John Balcombe and Dave Smith will continue to lead local opposition to the plans unless the concerns expressed by Aylesford residents at the public meeting are fully addressed.
John Balcombe and Dave Smith
Putting Aylesford First


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