Monday, October 30, 2006

Security at Dennis Cadman House

The security and wellbeing of local people is of paramount concern to Aylesford Conservatives. We were therefore very worried when residents from Dennis Cadman House in the RBL Village contacted us with stories of "uninvited visitors" entering the building and drunks using the halls and stairwells to sleep.

Unlike most other similar properties in the area, Dennis Cadnam House does not have a door entryphone system.

John Balcombe immediatley contacted Housing 21 to see what could be done about improving security.

Now, thanks to his efforts, the residents of Dennis Cadman House are going to be consulted on the installation of door entryphones.

John Balcombe, local Parish Councillor and Chairman of Aylesford Conservatives, has written to the occupants of Dennis Cadman House to tell them of the forthcoming consultation and promising to keep them informed of future developments.

25th November UPDATE
Housing 21 have just been in touch with John Balcombe to say residents have voted against the installation of a door entry-phone system. Out of 28 votes received, 15 voted against and 13 in favour.

However, Housing 21 have assured us that if residents change their minds over the dark winter months, they will still consider the installation for the future.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Station Road Development - Petiton Launched.

The plans put forward by Barratt Kent are totally inappropriate for Aylesford Village.

Like the majority of local residents who have contacted us, Aylesford Conservatives support the principle of new housing on the Somerfield Depot site on Station Road.

People need houses to live in, and young families in particular deserve an opportunity to have a home of their own. Low cost starter homes, shared ownership schemes and social housing are often the only way onto the housing ladder for many local people - and few would deny them that opportunity.

It is also true that it is far better to build new homes on disused industrial / brown-field sites than concreting over more of our precious green-belt for housing developments.

However, the proposals for 458 properties are far too dense. Low quality four storey housing is totally out of character with our community; there is insufficient provision for car parking; no detailed proposals to improve road safety or traffic management; no suggestions to enhance the local community or improve infrastructure.

There are also no proposals about how local schools, medical facilities and services will cope with perhaps a thousand additional residents.

Local Conservatives would happily support the building of a mixture of good quality new houses that would enhance our community and provide comfortable homes for the new families that move here.

Regrettably, much of the discretion once enjoyed by local councils to enforce changes to planning applications to protect local communities has been abolished by John Prescott and the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

Aylesford Conservatives have launched a petition appealing to Barrett Kent to listen to local concerns and consider the needs of the existing community before proceeding with their present plans.

1,400 copies of our petition are being delivered to homes in Aylesford on Saturday 21st October.
If you have not received a copy of the petition and would like to support the campaign, please contact Dave Smith on 01622 715487.

We cannot support the present proposals from Barratt Kent.

People deserve affordable yet good quality homes……
and Aylesford deserves a better quality development!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Recycling of Plastics

In an earlier article we mentioned that T&MBC was introducing a facility to recycle plastics at 8 sites throughout the Borough.
We are now pleased to confirm the locations:

AYLESFORD: Sainsbury's Car Park, Quarry Wood.
LARKFIELD: Tesco Car Park, Leybourne Way
WEST MALLING: High Street (Tesco) Car Park
KINGS HILL: Asda Car Park
SNODLAND: Rocfort Road Car Park, High Street
BOROUGH GREEN: Station Car Park
TONBRIDGE: Farm Sports Ground Car Park, Darrenth Avenue
TONBRIDGE: Angel Centre Car Park

For further information please contact the T&MBC Helpline: 01732 876146
Printed and promoted by A Kennedy on behalf of Aylesford Conservatives all at 200 Canterbury Street, Gillingham, Kent.